Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 8

Today we left Carrie's house and drove home. The highlights were:
1. Peggy drove the entire way home - so I got to sit back and relax and listen to the audio book that we had borrowed at the library.
2. I got to give Jimmy his 16th birthday present to him today, because I was gone while he had his birthday. In our family we are not allowed to drink coffee until our 16th birthday, so I bought him a gift card to a coffee place in town.
3. I came home to find a bunch of graduation congratulatory cards. I loved reading all of people's wishes. It is always an encouragement to me to know how many people care.
4. I came home to find that my closet organizer finally came in. And that Jimmy had already put it together for me! I love that boy! The organizer looks quite beautiful in my closet and I hope to find time to organize my stuff into it tomorrow. I love to organize, so I am very much looking forward to it!
5. My house is in a complete disarray. The dining room is emptied into the living room, and the upstairs bathroom is emptied into my parents' bedroom. In preparation for the open house on Saturday, my mom is getting a few projects done. Two of my aunts will be coming to help out in a couple of days, and Carrie arrived here about an hour after we did to help out as well. I love the feeling of getting things done, so it was very exciting to be working on that with Carrie this early evening.
6. Carrie promised me the game of Hoopla for my graduation gift. I'm very excited! I fell in love with that game.
That is all of the news that I can think of right now. I had a grand time at Carrie's house and am now excited to have her and her kids here for a while longer. It's good to be home and to be caught up in the flurry of preparation for the open house.

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Brittnee said...

Sounds like you had a fun week. And I am very excited to come to your open house:)