Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 1

Today was the beginning of a very fun week that I have been looking forward to for a while now. At 11:30 today, Peggy and I got into the car and ran several errands. After seeing Mom, MollyBea, Dunbar, Dan, and the nice banker lady at Associated that I love having conversations with, Peggy and I started out for Sioux City, Iowa. I love traveling...Peggy put in an audio cd to listen to and then fell asleep, so I spent the next couple of hours listening to a children's novel and counting mile markers. Peggy woke up again right before we entered Iowa...I'm pretty sure that it was the change in smell that did it. We got to Sioux City around 4:15 and there we got to see Carrie, Cate, Joel, and Junior. We've both been looking forward to this trip for a long time and were very excited to get here. Carrie cooked us a very yummy supper of this yummy marinated chicken, delicious spinach side, and some not-so-yummy instant mashed potatoes...but that was only because Cate loves them so much. We spent the late afternoon and early evening hearing Joel say "Guess what, Peggy!" and "Watch this, Polly!" and then we encountered a surprise water fight where all of the guns were in the hands of the enemies (Cate and Joel) and where we had no weapons. So we got drenched...but so did the enemy.
I forgot to take any pictures earlier today, so I got out the camera to take these two of the kids sleeping. I plan to put some up each day while we're here...hehe...The key word is "plan."
Now I must go to bed so that I am prepared for whatever the kids want tomorrow. Cate informed me that I was sleeping with her...that is my pillow that she is sleeping on. She put it there to insure that I would come back upstairs. Joel said "I want a human to sleep in my bed, too!"

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