Friday, April 4, 2008

Leaving on Tour

All right folks, it's not like I've been real steady with the blog lately, but for the next little over a week, I'm going to have an excuse. =D Tomorrow afternoon, Peggy, myself, and the rest of our choir are leaving on tour. We are going to tour around the midwest states, singing once or twice a day, except for on our one free day. Tomorrow before we leave, the theme of the tour will be announced to us, as will the goofy and fun stuff that choir council has planned. I'm looking forward to it a lot, but here's the deal: Peggy and I have been running on very little sleep, getting prepared for it. Peggy is already sick, and I've been on the verge of getting sick for a couple of weeks now. Please be praying for our health and that of the whole choir! We are going to be spending 8 days in a bus with 40 other people, and none of us will get much sleep on tour. And while you're at it, please pray for our safety while traveling. Hehe, and an added note: please pray for the sanity of our bus driver, Mike; our director and his wife, Captain and Cindy Dunbar; our accompaniest, Mrs. Vaught; and our recruter, Monte. I can't imagine what it must be like for them to ride with all of us rowdy college students =D.
Try not to miss me too much! Thanks for the prayers.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good Intentions

I was looking through my pictures tonight, being nostalgic, and I ran across this one. It represents a myriad of good intentions. I had been at Pine Haven Christian Assembly for a week of camp last summer. During the week, each of us campers wrote on a stone; we wrote down an area of our life that we hadn't completely given over to God. Then we planted this tree and placed the stones around it. It was supposed to be a turning point . . . and at the time I really thought it was. Good intentions . . . but the actions didn't follow through. I came back from camp with a "spiritual high." The week touched me to the core and I really felt like God had spoken to me. I planned on making those changes in my life . . . really I did. But somehow time slipped away. And to be honest, I don't even remember what is written on my stone. I placed it there as a monument of a turning point, I was giving it over to God . . . but I can't even remember what God and I had talked about that week. What is it that keeps us from following through with our intentions? Why isn't my life a reflection of all that Christ has done for me? My stone still sits there around the tree at the campgrounds. Next year, all of the faculty will come back and look at the stones and say, "look at the way these kids grew." But mine will be a mockery. Mine won't signify change . . . mine will just be added to my list of good intentions. But does it have to be that way?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Excited for Summer

I'm so excited for spring and then for summer! Spring is definitely on its way; it has fooled us a few times, but the birds are reappearing and the snow is melting. Emily and I went shopping today for some needed things for choir tour, but came home with some summer clothes too. I got this pair of shorts for $7.48 and these two shirts for $4.48 each. They were all at Target; I love that store.