Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 7

Today was a day of completing all of the things that we had been planning to do all week. :)
We painted in Cate's room, first, putting a second coat on the green walls and then priming and painting the floors an off-white. Peggy got very little paint on her, Carrie got some, and I got a ton on me. I should show you all a picture of my painting clothes some time...they are quite unique.
We took a break from painting for a while and got Culvers for lunch and took it to the park to eat. The kids played for a while, then we headed back to finish the floor.
After all of the painting was done, we went outside for some yard work. Carrie mowed the lawn, while I ran the weedwacker. This was my first time using a weedwacker...I felt accomplished when I finished. :)
We all cleaned up after our work and then headed over to the Church's softball game. I was feeling very tired, so I went back to the car to sleep, so I missed a lot of the game.
That was about all that happened today, Oh! Except for the swimming was retired today, because it developed a hole. The kids were sad about that. Other than that, it was a fairly productive day and very worth getting up for.

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