Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 4

Day 4 was just as fun as the previous three. The kids had been cooped up a lot over the last couple of days, so they got a little cranky. Peggy settled them down for a nap while I made what was supposed to be a quick run to HyVee. The store is like five blocks away...should take 15 minutes to be in and out, right? Well, it took me a half hour to even get to the store. I'm not used to this town, all right? I somehow ended up on the highway into Nebraska. I took the first exit, which was over the border, by the way, and got turned around as quick as I could. I really did very well for a girl who isn't used to this town, but I'm sure that I'll still get teased about that.
Cate woke up from her nap not long after I got home, but Joel slept for quite some time. Carrie and Roger's friend, Derek, stopped by to make sure that we were doing okay without Carrie, which was really sweet of him. I really appreciate having someone that we can call if we have any troubles at all.
After Joel woke up, we decided that a trip to the park would be fun. I have that and the secret snack trip in a slide show below.


breanna said...

You two are such great aunties!!!! It has been so fun the past few days checkin your blog to see what you guys were up to! : ) Thanks for sharing!!!! Looks like soooo much fun!

101 things to do with EmilyElizabeth said...

Yeah, yeah. Good for a girl who is not used to the town. Uh-huh.
:P I wish I could have gone to Nebraska with you, had to be better than Dexter ;-)

Polly Blanshan said...

Lol...actually Dexter was WAY cooler! I even went through Dexter on my way here just because I had to see it again.