Monday, October 29, 2007

Senior Pictures

They're finally here, thanks to Emily. Thursday was a beautiful day and I was feeling cute =D, so, since neither she or I were working, Emily and I drove out to Quarry Hill (some sort of nature center) and I got to tell stories and smile a lot and just naturally look beautiful while Emily took pictures of me. It was so much fun! =D
If you have any favorites, please let me know which ones they are. I haven't quite made up my mind which ones to use, yet.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Adventures of 4 Girls and a Photographer

The other day, a few of us had a few free hours in which we had very little to do...or, rather, we had nothing to do but memorize "As the Hart" for choir. So, the five of us decided to set out on an adventure. Emily had her camera, of course, and spent the next hour snapping pictures of Amanda, Catt, Peggy and I. Such fun! The joys of having a photographer as a friend! Have I mentioned that I love that girl?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Fun with the Hellers.

The other day, I went with my friends, the Hellers, to a tea room, then on to an apple orchard, pumpkin patch, and a corn maze. We had a really fun you can see from our goofy pictures.

Robin Hood Party

Some friends and I are really big fans of the BBC series of Robin Hood. I am especially fond of the quirk of his eyebrow...makes my heart flutter every time. =D
We decided to have a party and I offered my home...well, Amanda offered my home =D , as a joke at first, but I heartily agreed. Peggy and I banished the men of our house from the living room for the night. We got all of the necessities together, like root beer floats, pizza, chips, brownies, cookies...necessities. There were six of us to start out: Amanda, Emily, MollyBea, Melissa, Peggy, and I. Amanda and Emily's niece, Kianah, joined us later. Of the seven of us, Melissa was the only one who hadn't seen any of the series. To start out the night Emily, Amanda, and MollyBea did a reenactment of the first episode. =D I think we watched the first 4 or 5 episodes. We ate too much junk food, sat in front of a tv for too long, and giggled waaaay too much. It was a grand time!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I love autumn! The leaves are gorgeous while still on the trees and so deliciously crunchy when on the ground. It is the season of red and orange...two of the happiest colors out there. Fall makes me think of carving pumpkins, apple cider, crunchy leaves, and...sweaters!

These two pictures were taken by my friend, Andrew Parfenov. If you'd like to see more of his photos, you can view them at, just type his name in search.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Brian Dunbar, my music professor, was sick on Tuesday, so a few of us students (mostly choir students) decided to use the opportunity to prank him. We happen to know his TA very well...okay, actually, she was one of the main conspirators. She holds a key to his office. For the next 5 hours, we practiced breathing from our diaphram... =D ...we figured it would make him proud. By 4:00, his office was filled floor to about a foot from the ceiling with nearly 1000 balloons. On his door we left an envelope that said "To help you with your troubles" and inside we was placed a thumb-tack. 5 hours + 15 students + an office key + 1000 balloons = a ton of fun. I recommend it...the after-effects aren't quite as pleasant, however. A few students ended up with blisters from tying the balloons and everybody ended up with sore mouths....yes, sore mouths. It hurts to blow up balloons for 5 hours!