Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Adventures of 4 Girls and a Photographer

The other day, a few of us had a few free hours in which we had very little to do...or, rather, we had nothing to do but memorize "As the Hart" for choir. So, the five of us decided to set out on an adventure. Emily had her camera, of course, and spent the next hour snapping pictures of Amanda, Catt, Peggy and I. Such fun! The joys of having a photographer as a friend! Have I mentioned that I love that girl?


Bob said...

I like your profile picture.

jessicalolene said...

Emily is talented as a photographer. You guys are all so pretty.

Polly Blanshan said...

Thanks to both of you. I pretty much love Emily. Actually, all but the two pictures taken by my friend Andrew, were taken from Em's camera. =D