Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Brian Dunbar, my music professor, was sick on Tuesday, so a few of us students (mostly choir students) decided to use the opportunity to prank him. We happen to know his TA very well...okay, actually, she was one of the main conspirators. She holds a key to his office. For the next 5 hours, we practiced breathing from our diaphram... =D ...we figured it would make him proud. By 4:00, his office was filled floor to about a foot from the ceiling with nearly 1000 balloons. On his door we left an envelope that said "To help you with your troubles" and inside we was placed a thumb-tack. 5 hours + 15 students + an office key + 1000 balloons = a ton of fun. I recommend it...the after-effects aren't quite as pleasant, however. A few students ended up with blisters from tying the balloons and everybody ended up with sore mouths....yes, sore mouths. It hurts to blow up balloons for 5 hours!