Monday, October 6, 2008


You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You'll never know, dear, how I love you

So please don't take my sunshine away

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Walks & Soccer

Yesterday was a nice relaxing day for me. Last year, I discovered that without a day off of work and school, I go pretty much crazy. So, this year, I've asked for Saturdays off. I don't always get it, but most weeks I do...and it's wonderful.

Early in the afternoon, I went on a walk with my good friend, Lydia. We met for lunch and then we walked for about an hour. It was a nice pleasant day for it, because it was sunny, but not too warm. Lydia was on the Mercy Ships for a year, and it's been fun catching up with her on all of her adventures.

The next thing on the day of relaxing was Jimmy's soccer game. He is the youngest team member, and having never played soccer before, he started out at the bottom of the totem pole. but, over the semester, he has been working up more and more playing time. This game, the Knights (Crossroad's team) won. I can't remember the score. :D

I got Jimmy home in time to grab a quick shower and then we headed out of town towards Stewartville to go to a classmate's bonfire. That was also a lot of fun, but since Emily has the pictures of that, I'm going to wait to tell you about it.

Bench warmers - Ben and Jimmy

Getting a cool drink on a warm day.

Praying with the opposing team after the game.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Presidential Inauguration

Tonight was the inauguration of Crossroads College's (formerly Minnesota Bible College) 12 president, Michael Kilgallin. This man is an amazing man. He has traveled with Adoration, he is in my parents' small group, and he goes to my church, and I've come to really respect him and love his leadership. He and his wife, Debbie, both care about the students as individuals and always make sure to say hi to each of us students and ask us how we're doing. He has my total support as president.
At the inauguration, I ran into Billy Wallace! Well, not literally, but it was a surprise. It was fun to see him, even though we only got to talk for about 5 minutes.
Adoration sang two songs at the inauguration. It went well except for the 3rd note in the second song we sang...that one was a little flat... =D
After the inauguration, Adoration, along with our director, and his wife and eldest son, went to Applebees for half-off appetizers after 9pm. We had fun telling stories, and sharing inside jokes.
The following picture is of Emily, Liz, and I at the inauguration. Thanks to "Bar" for taking the picture, and to Liz for letting me "borrow" it from Facebook. These two girls are the greatest. They are my adventure buddies.