Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time with Mama and Sisters

Mom, Carrie, Peggy, and I went to Mandorville today. It is a cute little town that is known for the Hubbel House, a really yummy restaurant. Within a block of it is a coffee house, a chocolate shop, an opera house, a museum, and several antique stores. The four of us went to eat at the coffee house. We all ordered BLTs, the three of them ordered Corn Chowder Soup, as well.
The place had a little gift shop in it too. After our very yummy lunch we walked over to the chocolate shop, which was closed, and then to an antique store or two. One of the shops was especially fun and Peggy ended up buying a hat from the 1930s. The hat is adorable and I believe that you might actually see her wearing it in the future.


Linda said...

It was a very enjoyable time!

Minkydo said...

Sounds like y'all had fun :)

Carrie said...

I must say we are quite a fun group of girls. I'm so happy we spent that day together!