Friday, February 8, 2008

Cold Nights

It has been bitter cold here lately; most days I love winter and walk outside and feel the bitter wind in my face and start grinning, because I love it so much, but other days I start to complain about it.
Well, a few nights ago, I got home from work and was trying to warm up and couldn't figure out why I couldn't get warm, so I checked the thermostat and turned it up and when nothing happened I made a brilliant statement to my father, "It's cold...I don't think our heater is working." Brilliant, right? I was right, the heater was broken. Whoa, am I good. =D

At first I was pretty grumbly about it...I wanted to be warm! But then I started thinking about what an adventure it would be and about how it would make a really good story. So I bundled up and found an extra blanket and a sleeping bag for my bed and got out my dad's camera to record the event. It was a cold night, but I loved it. Because I got to tell all of my friends about it the next day at school. And anything is worth a good story, right? It did,remind me, though, of all of the blessings of the usual warm heater.


Bob said...

Sleeping Beauties.

PJ said...

i think it would have been
warmer in my bed after all. that floor was freezing.

Bob said...

Pj? Oh, I get it.

Angie said...

looks adorable. but a winter day in MN with no heat BRRRRRRRRRRR

Carrie said...

You went all the way to Jamaica and STILL have no posts to prove it! I don't believe you went at all.