Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Adoration Outing

This weekend was another weekend filled with fun for me; Adoration had another outing. Every year Adoration goes on a retreat with the Music Director and his wife and two sons. This year, we went up to the cities to see Triple Espresso, a three-man comedy show. Before the show, we went out to eat at Fuddruckers. And, of course, we couldn't resist taking silly pictures.The show was a lot of fun, and most of our group was laughing so hard they were crying. Part way through, they picked a man from the crowd to come up and hold up some cue cards for a song they were singing. I was so surprised to see that it was Uncle Jon! They had him throw the cue cards on the ground as we went through them, then said "One more time!" and he had to scramble on the ground picking them up, trying to find the right cues. This was his 20th time to see the show, so he knew what was coming, but did a very good job playing it up to keep the audience happy with the routine =D. During intermission, I ran down and found him to give him a hug. He was there with the orchestra he directs...what are the odds? My fellow singers said "Polly, you run into people we know everywhere we go! You know everyone!" My reply was, "That's because I'm related to everyone!"
When we left the show, we walked several blocks to our vehicle, singing "Trashin' the Camp" (from Tarzan) in downtown Minneapolis. It was great fun!
The next morning, after checking out of our hotel, we spent a couple of hours at the MOA. Several people wanted to try out the newest ride at the park there. I wasn't feeling well, so I begged out and took charge of the camera, taking pictures from below.

Saturday evening we drove to Kimball, where I we hung out with the youth at the Church there and played Assassin, a water gun game where you hunt other people while being hunted yourself. I was in the last four...we ended up at a standstill, 'cause two of the people were hiding up in the rafters out of our range and we stayed out of their range, so the game just ended. I would've won, though! =D
I got to spend the night at Steve and Mandy's house, along with Brad and Emily from my group. We had a lot of fun playing Monopoly, and although Mandy tried her best to help me out by giving me her nicely developed property, Brad helped Steve out, so Steve won the game. Jerk. =D Just kidding.
After Church this morning, most of the group was cleaning up our equipment, while Crystal Blanchard and I had special permission to hang out with our respective families for as long as possible. Mandy took me to see her coffee shop, Bella's, and made me an Almond Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha...Soooo delicious!
The weekend was so much fun, I loved hanging out with Adoration, seeing Jon, visiting with Mandy, Steve, and the kids, and singing this morning. My life is filled with so many blessings.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun Times with my Friends

Saturday I spent the evening at Betsy's house. Winn's brother's family was in town for Easter, and I went over there to hang out with the kids while the adults went out to visit. Brittnee was visiting for a couple of days, so she went with me. We first ate pizza while watching Abbott and Costello's "Jack and the Beanstalk." Then Ty got lost in a good book, while we girls got out a game of clue. We played two games, which nobody won, then just goofed off, and then Remy and I ended up on the floor in a tickle fight. I miss my niece and nephews a lot, so every time I've had a chance to hang out with kids lately, I've taken it.